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About Christine

I'm a wedding and elopement photographer/planner for the crazy, fun, down-to-earth, adrenaline seeking, nature loving, spontaneous and madly in love couples!

I know I know... you're probably thinking "but I'm so awkward in front of the camera", not with me you're not! I will have you laughing non-stop, starting from the first minute up until the last kiss. I don't do the whole "ok, now look at me and smile" thing. NO WAY JOSE! I'm going to have you do prompts such as the airplane, kiss with your teeth, the drunk walk, meditation and many more!

a worldwide Wedding and elopement photographer and professional third wheeler

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If I could give her 10 stars I would!! Christine did an amazing job photographing my family this past weekend and we couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out. Everyone keeps telling us how happy and natural we look and it's all thanks to Christine. I had warned her beforehand that my boyfriend and I are super awkward when it comes to photos and she said trust me don't worry. She did an amazing job with getting all of us to smile and laugh including my two-year-old daughter! She played Disney music for her even had little games for her to do in order to get some of the shots! I got my photos back so quickly and couldn't be more pleased. I HIGHLY recommend and will be using her in the future!!

- kyle and celeste

It's not often that I leave a review, but admiration and recognition must be given where it is due. I recently enlisted Christine's services for a wedding photo shoot near my home in Nashville. I live right on the river and thought it would be an incredible place to take my forever photos with my fantastic wife. Although the Covid-19 restrictions are quite lengthy and unaccommodating, Christine agreed and provided the best service I could have asked for. Our photos are revolutionary, breath-taking, and taken with such precision. She was really able to capture my wife's smile, and it floats off the screen. I want to give all my props and gratitude to Christine for truly being there to capture the happiest day of my life. Thank you!

- David and kellee

Christine does INCREDIBLE work!!!! Not only is she knowledge and up to date on trends, but she works diligently to make sure your special event is captured to perfection. Christine is charismatic, easy to work with, and LOVES what she does. Her passion for photography and making others smile is reflected in the quality of her work. In the few times that I've had the pleasure of working with her, my boyfriend and I had the best time. You almost forget you're being photographed while Christine strategically prompts you and your significant other. I've never seen photos that have looked so natural, while capturing our love story. I would 100% recommend her for any special event. You won't be disappointed!

- nick and emily

I came across Christine's work on Instagram and loved her easy, candid style, so we set up a session. Typically, I hate having my photo taken. What I was initially pleasantly surprised about was Christine's ability to immediately create a good rapport with us. She's so friendly and kind, and we immediately felt as though we'd been friends for a long time. What sets Christine apart from other couple/family photographers is her ability to direct us... I'm terrified of posing for photos, and Christine didn't have us pose at all! She had us running, moving, laughing, jumping, and staggering in the most active photo session I've ever experienced... To say it was fun would be an understatement! And her vision came out so beautifully. Candid, genuine, fun... every photo was such a true representation of "us."

- brandon and charlotte

Where do I begin... when I first got engaged I was searching for photographers and I came across Christine Bradshaw's work on Facebook and I was BLOWN away. I knew in that moment I wanted her to capture the most important day of my life. Not only did Christine take breathtaking photos, she helped prep for our elopement from the start through Facetime, texts, and emails; Christine was there for my husband and I the whole way. She even picked up my bouquet for me and FLEW it to our elopement location to ensure I had the most perfect bouquet. Day of she carried my dress for me, re-curled my hair throughout the day, and drove us around to each location allowing us to nap during our 14-hour day. And she also married us! Knowing our photographer was also our officiant made it so much smoother! She is so incredibly friendly and easy to talk to and made the day-of so easy and stress-free. Ok ok enough of the praise. Let me show you her beautiful work. Thank you for everything Christine! The Pineda's are so grateful for you and your talents.

-Allison and Kim

Our philosophy is simple. We take beautiful photos to remember your special day. The moments and looks that you'll want to cherish forever. The ones that you'll frame in your home for years to come.






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