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Why us?


Why should you choose us to capture one of the most important days in your life? EXPERIENCE. Yes I'm sure a lot of you don't feel comfortable in front of the camera but WE PROMISE that you will be dancing and laughing your butt off the entire time I have that scary camera pointed at you. lol

Also...Communication is key!! We want to be there during your entire wedding planning process. Preferably we like to chat about it over a beer or a Disneyland day. 

About Christine


Her whole life Christine had her heart set on the medical field. She was determined to become a world renowned surgeon but on the day she first picked up a camera, all of that changed. Christine started her company in 2014 and went full time photographer in 2019 which she says is the best decision she has ever made. She is now traveling the world taking photographs of people in love and 

constantly looking for new adventures.

     Am I the only one that's jealous here?!

Our Style


                     Warm & Earthy

One thing we hear alot of people saying they love about our style are the golden sunshine rays that we capture. You know...those rays where I looks like god is just showing off?? Yea...we like that ishhhh. We want to keep the natural colors of the greenery around you and your super cute outfits yet keep things warm and romantic with juusstt a touch of amazingness and fun in your wedding photography and engagement photos!

We also provide the bubbly for some champagne poppin'!


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