What does it mean to elope?

Back in the day the definition of  “elope” was this.

elope[ ih-lohp ]:

to run off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one's parents.

As that may still be what some people do, the modern definition of it is to get married in a destination of the couple’s choice and create a stress-free experience for you and your significant other. No that does not mean it has to be ONLY you and your significant other. Some couples have their closest friends and family there. Elopements are usually about 10-15 guests but that is totally ok if you have more. THE MORE THE MERRIER
(see what I did there? lol) 

Now to get into

“is eloping for me?”

Well, it depends. People elope for many different reasons such as


financial reasons

don’t like being the center of attention

no pressure

epic photos

If you feel like any of those apply to you then let's go on a badass adventure, create super fun memories and run around a beach or mountain top with zero care in the world!

Think of your elopement as a date with your significant other and a professional third wheeler that doubles as a stalker

I plan it all!!

It's me...I'm the thirdwheeler/stalker

You don't have to just say your vows and then the day is over
. NO NO NO!!!!

Do what you two love to do together and make a day out of it! 

Do you like watersports?...Let's rent a jet ski!
Do you like adrenaline rushes?...Let's go sky diving!
Do you like relaxing at the beach?...Let's make a picnic out of it!

Your elopement day should be a story about the two of you. It's the start of your lives together. 

"She is simply amazing and her work is off the charts! We are blown away by her photography and extremely grateful for her willingness to come out during this time and help capture this special moment."

Andrew S.

• Location scouting

• Timeline assistance

• Directing, prompting and posing

• Reservation assistance

• Local Airbnb/hotel recommendations

• Permit assistance

• Map of exact locations and drive time

• Local vendor recommendations

• Multiple phone meetings and/or facetime meetings

Let's go explore

Included in every elopement package is the following:

give me all the deets!
where will this take place?
 your full Name

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