As of May 26, CA is in stage 2.5, Meaning that restaurants and stores in California are allowed to open following the CDC guidelines. Which means only half a step more till full weddings! 

On Friday May 8, the state of California will be in Stage 2 of Governor Newsoms Reopening of California. Weddings are stage in Stage 3.

As of May 2 it is now permitted in the state of California to do outdoor photography. 6 feet away of course. :)



My venue is making me postpone. What next?

If your venue or the government is making your postpone anything you have paid on your wedding package will be brought over to your new date and you do not have to pay a postponing fee. If you postpone your wedding WITHOUT your venue or the government saying you have to, you will not have to pay a postponing fee BUT if you would like a new date that is a Friday or Saturday there is a $500 fee. I will send you a new contract and the amount of money that you have paid thus far on your package will be your new retainer and your remaining payment dates will be moved back as well

For example: 

Original package total=$5000


$2500 paid so far

$2000 remaining

New package total=$5000


$2000 remaining


What happens if you are not available on my new wedding date?

If I personally am not available on your new wedding date I will have an associate photographer photograph your wedding and I personally will edit your images. Also I will be the one taking your engagement images if they have not been done yet. If an associate photographer is needed an optional photo shoot session will be scheduled with the associate photographer for you to have an experience with them and get to know them. All my shooters are AMAZING!!


What if I want to elope on my original date and not have a big wedding?

I LOVE ELOPEMENTS! Such an intimate thing to photograph. If that is something you'd like to do we can put together a personalized package. It all depends on where you want to elope, how much you've paid your wedding package so far, how much you have remaining on your package, how many elopement photography hours you'd like and a couple other factors. 


What if I want to cancel my wedding all together?

If you choose to cancel your wedding all together then the original cancellation policy on your contract in stays effect.